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 · Defy Aging with Yoga
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 · Shankara
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spirituality & scripture

 · Metaphysics & Yoga
 · One God or many Gods?
 · Proof for God
 · Self-Realization
 · Saints and Mystics
 · Self-Knowledge: Shankara
 · Purpose of Living 
 · Spirituality
 · Spiritual Growth
 · Heaven & Purgatory
 · Key Statements
 · The Soul  /  Reincarnation

Yoga Shareware Programs

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Chakras Software   Yantras Software
Chakras + Yantras
Package Price: $14.95 CAD
Awareness Software
Awareness Software
$12.95 CAD

Yoga Freeware - Free Download

Yoga Freeware Asana photos, hatha and jnana yoga
instructions, and articles on meditation,
self-awareness, and self-realization!
Download Link: Yoga.exe

Awareness - The Center of Being

Awareness Book Awareness Book

Awareness - The Center of Being is a manual for Self-awareness and offers a unique approach in the
long sought proof for the existence of God.

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