Generally, Christians, Jews and Moslems agree: there is only one God. Even the many gods we hear about in Polytheistic religions (i.e. Hinduism) are, according to their own explanation, no more than qualities and externalizations of the single Supreme Being. Thus the oldest book on this globe - the Rig-Veda - tells us:
"The wise speak of the same One as Indra, Mitra, Varuna, and Agni.... There is one Truth but the wise call it by different names (164.46)."

This sentence alone should be sufficient to clear up common misconceptions about Polytheism. Indeed, the Hindu Gods can easily be compared with Trinity, the threefold God of the Christians.
Trinity originated from India where it was called Trimurty. Hindus call the Absolute Being Brahman. The Son, as the creative force of cosmic vibration, is called Vishnu. The returning, ingoing, attracting, dissolving, involutionary force is called Shiva. This is the exact equivalent of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.

There are still many Christians and Non-Christians who believe that Trinity means three Gods, but to picture all three as persons is somewhat childish because then we are thinking in terms of human families. An omnipresent Being should not be pictured in terms of Fathers, Mothers, Uncles, Sons, Daughters, etc. Jesus himself explains that there is only one God and we are all part of the One.

As an omnipresent Being, it should be clear that God is not a person, but a condition of perfect Beingness. Knowledge of this fact is found in all genuine religions and systems of belief. Beingness, as the nature of God, is expressed when we hear American Natives refer to God as the Great Spirit. The Jewish name for God, Jahwe (JHVH \ Jehovah), translates as "I am who I am".

Beingness is the nature of God, Beingness is God.

Since God is self-reliant and the world is a manifestation of God's energy, we could call God: Self-energetic Beingness. From the accounts of the many Saints, Sages, and Self-realized persons who have encountered this condition of Being we may add that this condition is a blissful state of Being.
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