Awareness Software is an adaptation of the original paperback Awareness - The Center of Being. A complete manual for Self-awareness, this book features a unique approach in the long sought Proof for the Existence of God. Awareness Software includes 300+ pages with photos and graphics:
Awareness Software - main menu screenshot Part 1: Evidence for the Existence of God
Part 2: The Quintessence - The Soul of Scripture
Part 3: The Inquiry into the Self
Part 4: Sources of Knowledge
Part 5: Psychic Powers

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Awareness Software
Awareness Software
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Can God be proven?
The objective and courageous seeker will find that - Yes, God can be proven indirectly through very convincing circumstantial evidence and directly through personal experience.

Here is your invitation to think, to observe, and to discover. Share the knowledge of the Saints and Sages. Experience the comfort that knowledge gives over simple belief. See how all major Religions and Philosophies share the same origin and the same essential Truth.
Challenge yourself and, ultimately, discover your Self.

This book claims to have some very profound answers to our most fundamental questions.
We are standing solidly behind this claim and add that you will find it is not based on theory.

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